Island Living July 9, 2018

Have You Ever Thought about Adopting A Whale?

Adopting a whale?  A great thing to do in Friday Harbor.  In 1979, with the help of over 400 volunteers, The Whale Museum first opened its doors to the public in a historic building in Friday Harbor. As the first museum in the country dedicated to interpreting, studying and educating the public about whales in the wild.  there are 3 pods currently you can pick to adopt your  whale.   At the Whale Museum website you can see photos of each whale which will help you choose your new family member.

If you have thought about getting involved more in saving the whales you might be interested in this:

You can earn a Whale Museum naturalist certification by completing an extra 10-hour practicum, which can be arranged during this course. Completion of this course also entitles you to become a member of the Salish Sea Association of Marine Naturalists (SSAMN).

The SoundWatch Boater Education Program  is good for all who are considering boating in the Puget Sound, and particularly important in the San Juan Islands.  We have our local whales here, and they welcome you as we do, but definitely hope you will respect their rights of safety in navigating through the Salish Sea.

Let me know your story about experiences with whales in the Salish Sea.  I will be sure to share them with my readers.  Thank You!