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Tree lined waterfrontSand between your toes and the sound of water gently lapping on the rocks may make you want to jump into the deep end and grab your own little piece of paradise. Islands are the state of Washington’s middle name.

What is the science behind our pleasure of the waterfront?

A good read to get some insight: In Blue Mind: The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected, and Better at What You Do (Little, Brown and Company), marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols asserts that regular interaction with water is as integral to one’s well-being as sunlight, exercise, and diet. Nichols uses a combination of anecdotes and hard data, to make a persuasive case for water’s healing power.

Among the book’s evidence: a study of college students that concluded spa bathing significantly reduced levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. And in a social experiment at train stations in Japan (where the suicide rate is high), the incidence of jumping onto tracks was completely curbed once aqua-blue lights were installed. One of the book’s most convincing tidbits is a 2006 Irish study that concluded people living within five kilometers of the coast enjoyed higher life satisfaction.

You might be able to debate whether this is due to their proximity to water or because people living near water tend to eat more fish and thus have diets higher in omega-3 acids, which have been shown to reduce depression. Or, to Nichols’ point about waterfront vistas, whether they simply have more disposable income with which to secure a good view.

Interestingly for buyers, research indicates that choosing a property with water views can add significant value to a home (about 15%), all things being equal. Additionally, if you’re looking for an investment property to rent out, owning a water view will invariably increase the amount you can expect a renter to pay.

Water view properties are among the most coveted real estate investments.  Here are three top reasons to buy a waterfront property.

Location Water properties come with a serene environment and beautiful views. However, only a limited number of properties have a view of the nearby water body. This is why they are in constant demand. Also, not many water properties are being developed now because local governments are controlling property development on lakes and other water bodies to protect the surrounding environment. Going forward, there is likely to be a big demand for these properties and only a limited supply, which means the value of these homes are likely to see huge value appreciation.

Vacation Vibe Living on a waterfront property makes you feel like you are on a constant vacation. Water view properties take you away from the chaos of urban life to pristine areas that offer breathtaking views.

Whether you want to enjoy the sunrise, sunset, still waters or just vast expanse of emptiness, waterfront properties offer the ultimate peace and tranquility. These properties bring you closer to nature and help you to appreciate all the big and small things that nature has to offer. Also, these homes take away all the stress from everyday life and transport you to a whole new world devoid of city problems and urban tensions. When you enjoy such a life, it feels like you are always on a vacation.

Proximity to Seattle Living on a waterfront property near a city like Seattle, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Though you are away from urban noise and pollution, you are still close to most urban amenities such as shopping, dining and cultural activities.

When you buy a waterfront or water view property on Whidbey Island, you enjoy a unique lifestyle without giving up the things that you love to do in the city.

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