The Real Estate Family Mom, Dad & Linda

by Linda

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Mom Linda & DadMy Dad and Mom both sold real estate when I was young and lived at home. It was a very different business then. One page contracts, with short and to the point conditions written in agreements, such as;  “John Brown agrees to purchase Mary Blue’s home at xxxx Elm Street for $ 100,000 on or before 01/01/64 for cash or a loan secured by a bank of his choice.”

Now there may have been a few more sentences, but the point is that the 2 parties had a simple agreement which was based on a certain amount of trust of both the purchaser and the seller that the agreement would occur with the help of the Realtor who was the advisor and professional. Today we have forms that almost make the contract a book.  Everything is protecting everyone from everything that might possibly happen.

Is this good?  Maybe a certain part of it, but what has been lost?  I can tell you that I think that the basic trust of one person of another.  My dad and mother did much of their business with a handshake, and I could see as my dad and mom got older and the real estate transactions became longer, and contained more elements of distrust than good will, that the business lost its soul for them.

I have no illusions that we will ever be in that place again.  The world has changed too much.  But, I do carry with me the belief that the most important aspect of a real estate transaction is for the buyer, seller, and the Realtor (s) to all work from the framework of TRUST and GOODWILL.  If we work from this basis we can work out almost any problem or issue.  When trust and goodwill are lost, or not even considered by the parties, it leads many unhappy transactions, and lost hopes and dreams.

I thank my Dad and Mom for showing me their path to be a professional, but more importantly,  a trustworthy and trust-giving individual, which has served me well in my  private and professional life.


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