“The Jetsons Home” on Whidbey Island…Not Yet

by Linda

in Island Lifestyle,Whidbey Island


Remember the Jetsons? I do. They were on the television for about a year starting in 1962. I was fascinated by their home and lifestyle as I was soon to be a teen, and it seemed like their children had a great life. Judy,their teenage daughter seemed to be so cool.

Today I would be more impressed with their dad George’s life, as he only worked 2 days a week for an hour each of those days, and was able to provide a wonderful home for his family.

Yet, I remember their home best. The show, which anticipated so much of the technology we have today, reflected the ethos of the time, with a love of progress and a vision of a great future.

With space travel becoming a focus for America, all things modern were “in”.  Goggie architecture caught the eye of builders during this time and became popular. The 1st well known Googie is a Hollywood coffee shop, but one that we know better is the Seattle Space Needle.  Cantilevered structures, acute angles, illuminated plastic paneling, and tailfins on buildings signals  Googie architecture  in the Jetson world and was also part of the original Disneyland in Anaheim, California which featured a Googie Tomorrowland.

So here we are in the 21st century and what do we have….. A great new Jetson home! See for yourself. Innoventions Dream Home. So my dream of of the Jetson lifestyle isn’t dead yet. Soon, I may be selling Googie homes and flying around in George Jetson space car… which folds up by the way.  Stop in here if you are interested in more Jetson trivia.

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