Memories & Our Senses Sell Homes

by Linda

in Whidbey Island

We all respond to sensory selling whether it be by our eyes, nose, ears, touch, or our memory. Using sensory effect is a subtle way to sell your home and may reward you with a higher price and quicker sale. Some examples of this might be a table in the family room with a monopoly game or scrabble game in progress, an open cookbook set by a kettle on the stove, bath salts, robe and candle set on the side of a deep tub. Small powerful visual effects that speak to home and the comforts of home.

Some other ideas that I have seen work to create this very positive effect are below:

  • Potted flowers at the home entrance
  • A nice Welcome mat at the front door
  • If you want shoes removed, washable soft slip-ons available
  • Soft music, either classical piano or acoustic guitar playing
  • Fresh clean decorative pillows on the couch and chairs
  • Cedar firewood in a clean fireplace
  • A child’s bed turned down with a favorite book opened on the bed by the pillow
  • Basket of fresh vegetables on the kitchen counter

There are many more, and I am sure you can think of some of your own triggers for a sensory sell. I would love to hear some of yours, so please feel free to send them to me at I will publish a follow-up at a later date with the ones I hear from you.

I think it is important when you are preparing your home to sell that you consider creating a sensory experience. I am happy to help you find ones that fit your unique situation. They just might be what makes the buyer write the offer to buy your home.


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