A Great Way to Really Talk…. A Salon

by Linda

in Island Lifestyle,Whidbey Island

I am one of four lucky women  on South Whidbey who over a year ago had an idea to start a Salon. I think the idea originated with Susie Barnett (co- owner of Whidbey Home Watch ) The other three of us just knew it was something worth doing.
Successful? Yes, beyond any of our imagining. We laid out the foundation and picked a topic. We each invited 3 women to attend who we thought would enjoy a discussion on the topic. We decided to have it on a Sunday afternoon from 3PM to 5 PM and stick to the time limit.
Then we did it, and we did it.. again and again and again. We are still doing it. Amazing women discussing and sharing incredible thoughts and experience!
Here is some of the structure we created.   You are invited to this Salon but it doesn’t mean you will be invited to all salons. It is a one-time event. We encourage attendee host a salon. We send the topic ahead to everyone so they can prepare to discuss it.  If you want to know more about how we make this work I am happy to share the structure . Write me at linda@lindacasale.com and ask for the details.
Our January topic was The Culture of Fear and the Characteristic Features of that Culture. Noted sociologist Bill Glassner in 2009 stated “that three out of four Americans feel more afraid today than they did 20 years ago.” Many of us accept that 24/7 media exposure plays a major role in promoting sensational stories but how do we react to and process that: Anger? Depression? Activism? Faith? Research? Cocooning? How do we discern what is our perception of fear from something we should be fearful of? If we presume (which we don’t have to) we are living in a culture of fear, does it have its own language, rules and expectations? We feel it is a topic worthy of a good conversation, perhaps walking away with a new way of looking at fear.”
When we picked that topic it was before the Sandy Hook School Shootings. This salon was just a week later and became all the more relevant from that experience. The discussion was deep, thoughtful and inspiring.  Fortunately, not all topics are that heavy. But the opportunity to meet other people and hear their thoughts on current topics is priceless.

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